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Screen Printing

Screen Printing

or as the oldies still call it - silkscreen printing!

Need a large quantity or wanting to print items that will be frequently washed (like staff uniforms)?

Traditional screen printing methods produce longer-lasting, superior results.

Why you'll love screen printing

✔ Bulk orders - more cost effective if you need larger quantities

✔ A durable print that isn’t afraid of frequent washing - perfect for staff uniforms and sports teams

✔ Vibrant colours and metallic inks (oooh sparkly!)

Screen Printing FAQs

What’s the minimum order quantity?
We have a 10 item minimum for screen printing - the lowest around! 


How long will it take to complete my order?
Because the screen printing process is more time-intensive, it’s not as quick as digital. You can expect to receive your order 2-3 weeks after placing it. 

(Left it til the last minute and need it quicker? Take a look at our digital printing options)


Are there setup costs involved?
Yes - unlike digital print, it’s more time and labour-intensive to set up each design. Because of this, there is a $50 setup fee for each colour in our design.


How long will the print last?
It depends on how well they’re taken care of, but a little bit of extra TLC will keep your items looking good for years (yep, YEARS!)

Whatever you do, under no circumstances are your screen printed items to go in the dryer!


Do I have to get the same item or can I mix and match?
What do you mean everyone isn’t the same shape or size?! We kid… we understand that getting everyone to agree on the same fit is never going to happen. That’s why we allow you to mix and match different styles. 

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