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Tee Junction was built on the idea that you shouldn’t need graphic design skills to create your own t-shirt. That’s why our online designer makes it simple - if you can send a text, you can design your own t-shirt!

Not satisfied with how things have always been done, we’ve also created our own digital garment printing process to supercharge our efficiency and reduce turnaround times. While others may leave you waiting months (yes - months!) for your order to arrive, we’ll have you looking your best in as little as 5 days.

We top it all off with an unshakable dedication to serving our customers, a love of fresh donuts and a devotion to making the world a brighter place - one tee at a time.

Whether you’re wanting kickass custom t-shirts to help you stand out, you need to kit out a whole team or you want to start your own store - you’re in the right place.

Where it all began

2006, the parent's garage. Just a simple dream to print custom t-shirts. Tee Junction printed its first t-shirt using one of the first direct-to-garment t-shirt printing machines in Australia (and in the world).

The concept of 'one off' t-shirts was completely alien at the time, traditional screen printing and its high setup and minimum orders ruled the t-shirt printing landscape. Digital printing changed all that.

Now everyone could go online and use a t-shirt designer to create their own custom garments. The first version of the Tee Junction was terrible, but it worked! To be fair, it was a time before Facebook, Instagram and funky web apps!

More than just digital printing

Soon, Tee Junction expanded to new offices and warehouses in quick succession. From Melbourne CBD to Richmond and now to our forever home in Ferntree Gully. Along the way, we hired the best people in the t-shirt printing industry, skills and knowledge that are simply invaluable.

Screenprinting finally came in-house, allowing us to produce some of the best retail quality garments around. With our strengthened partnership with AS Colour, the team start producing merch for some of the biggest artist and brands in Australia

In 2021, Tee Junction added embroidery to our services. We can't wait to see what our clients and customers bring to the table with embroidered designs.


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