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Direct-to-Film Printing / DTF Transfers

DTF Transfers by Tee Junction & Print Factory

Tee Junction, in partnership with the Print Factory, are proud to roll out the latest apparel decoration method that's taking the industry by storm.

Using water-based inks, white ink underbases and adhesives, our Digiflex DTF transfers offer superior quality colours, opacity and washability compared to DTG (Direct-to-Garment) DTG Printing. Direct-to-film transfers are the next generation for on-demand apparel printing, and Tee Junction x Print Factory is proud to be the pioneer in Australia since introducing the method in 2020.

Why Digiflex DTF Transfers?

  • The most accurate colour matching of any digital printing technique
  • Superior colours and opacity compared to DTG and other digital printing techniques
  • Best washability and durability

Some considerations for designs for DTF printing

  • DTF can only print solid colours, no transparencies. 
  • Can not do blends and transparent gradients like DTG
  • It is a thicker print than DTG. Large blocky design areas are not recommended. Add breaks and spaces in your design
  • Minimum line thickness 2mm thick.



Tee Junction is scaling up Digiflex DTF printing and is the main print method used for sweatshirts, infant tees, bags and new additions from AS Colour. DTF will slowly scale up, whilst DTG printing will slowly be phased out.


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